Milestone Celebrations

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

– Tim Cahill

Vacations celebrating milestones are becoming increasingly popular! And for good reasons!

What better way to celebrate together and togetherness? Usually beginning with an event such as a birthday, an anniversary,  a family or school reunion, a graduation, a wedding, a honeymoon, a holiday; the trend is to combine celebrating with a  fabulous vacation destination!

Celebrating with friends – it just doesn’t get any better!

All inclusive resorts and cruises are increasingly popular for these milestone celebrations.  They offer something for every body – no matter what age or activity level, even the fussiest friend or relative will have a great time! Eliminated: haggling over which restaurant to go to, deciphering the bill and computing who ate or drank what, bored kids or teens, deciding how much to tip or what to do today!

Both cruises and all-inclusive resorts cater to the needs of a broad spectrum of clientele. Some focus more on families, some more on adults only, but all offer a wide array of restaurant/dining choices, a full schedule of activities and entertainment for virtually every age and interest, and the assurance that, with “everything is included”*,  there won’t be any surprises to ruin the celebration.

No milestones? No worries! Any special occasion will do: girlfriends spa getaways, golf couples, grandparents and grandchildren – there are specialty packages for everyone!

A few pointers when choosing that cruise or all-inclusive vacation:

Look for special deals such as off season, groups, early bookings, etc. (your travel professional can help you with this, too).

Do read the inclusions and exclusions carefully.

Be sure that everyone understands what is/is not included (e.g., tips and gratuities, in some cases alcohol), so that they can budget accordingly.

Read cancellation policies and penalties and be sure everyone in your group understands them.

If don’t want to be around families, book cruises/resorts that appeal or allow adults only.

Shop for packages that may include airfare, ground transportation, and other extras.

Be sure to mention that it’s a special occasion/celebration. You can arrange for flowers, wine, cakes, etc. If it’s a wedding or honeymoon on board, both cruise lines and many resorts have specialists dedicated to assisting you with your arrangements.

Cruising and celebrating with friends is great!

 What are you waiting for?

All need is an occasion to celebrate, a budget range,  and a destination…and, of course, family/friends to join you!

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