Don’t Forget…

Don’t Leave Home Without:

Copies of passport(s), ID(s) and credit card(s)

Copies of prescriptions for medicines/glasses


Good walking shoes

Ziploc bags

Pocket flashlight

Swiss army knife (in checked bags)

Spare batteries for camera and any other electronics

Chargers and adapters for electronics/cameras

Scissors & tweezers (in checked bags)


Optional: Spot remover, binoculars, mini sewing kit, mini first aid kit

Essentials to Take on Every Flight:

Medications and toiletries: prescriptions, moisturizer, lip balm, hand sanitizer/wipes, tissues

Food/snax (beverages after you get through security), vitamins, supplements

Entertainment: reading, listening

Creature comforts: sweater, sox, jacket, wrap

Important paperwork and credit cards: passport, currency, tickets, itineraries, etc.

Optional: ear plugs, headphones and eye mask

Depending on Your Destination: 

Sun screen

Insect repellant

Acidophilus capsules: “friendly” bacteria that help prevent traveler’s diarrhea

Lomotil or Imodium D: quick relief from Montezuma’s revenge

Sea/car sickness meds – the natural alternative would be ginger capsules

A shawl or scarf (for places of worship)

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