From blog to book: 17 travel bloggers that launched a book

Fun and exciting to be included in Fractions of the World List of Travel Bloggers that Launched a Book!

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I’m Published! :D

I’m absolutely thrilled to share that my first submission to “Italian Notebook” , a wonderful online newsletter, has been published today! I’m a contributing writer!

I wrote about lovely Pienza, a charming hilltown in Tuscany, which I had the pleasure of  returning to in June…

Won’t you join me?

Please enjoy:

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Better Safe than Sorry When S*** Happens!

With travel, if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that anything can happen. . .

No one wants to come home  with memories of what almost ruined their long awaited vacation.  And, even though we can’t control every potential situation that may arise, with my suggestions and recommendations you will certainly be better prepared “just in case” it all hits the fan!

 Click below for “Help!”


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Going for the Green

“Green Travel” is definitely a growing trend in the travel business. If making “green” choices is a priority, you can go green with your greenbacks and with your choices.

Whether it’s looking for hands on opportunities to work on a farm or concerns about the disposal of waste water on cruise ships…environmentally conscious consumers are demanding more sustainable and environmentally friendly options. And the travel industry is listening and responding.

In addition to destinations that appeal to the eco- and agri-tourist, today you can support those companies that are environmentally conscious.

Find out more:

TrendZ: Eco-Toursim

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All the Comforts of Home, but…

One of the hottest travel TrendZ is spending your vacation in a home, villa, apartment, or room at your destination. And, I don’t mean your in-laws! I mean renting an accommodation from a private party via the internet.

Saving money, choosing the location and amenities that suit your tastes and budget, and having all the comforts of home away from home are some of the reasons why this is such a popular way to travel.

Check out my page for useful tips and resources!

Home on the Road

Happy travels!

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Luxury Amenities on the Go…for Your Pet!

I’ve written about traveling with pets…whether you leave them behind or take them along, they definitely need to be a big part of your travel planning. Feeding, emergency contact info, medical records, vet info, and any other special needs are your responsibility.

More and more hotels, etc. are accommodating pets. I just read that certain luxury hotel groups (e.g. Kimpton and Fairmont) are offering luxury amenities for the pampered pet…massages, blueberry facials, and nail grindings for dogs and cats, to name a few! There’s even a site dedicated to luxury travel for pets:

While I personally don’t see my Lulu going for a blueberry facial…it sounds pretty yummy to me!

Check out: Traveling with Pets for more information!

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Just Tap Your Heels Together…

“Close you eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, there’s no place like home.”

– From The Wizard of Oz

Summer is winding down, here comes a long weekend and you want to go somewhere but no plans, a limited budget…and those gas prices!

Have you thought about a mini stay-cation? Sure, why not take a vacation right where you live? Stay-cations have been and are continuing to be a popular trend.

Check out my page on Stay-cations for some great ideas and suggestions!


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Be a Savvy Traveler!

Don’t be an easy target, travel smart!

Check Out My Savvy Traveler Page for lots of helpful suggestions for both before and during your next vacation!

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Doors, Windows…and Other Details “Italian Style”

Doors, Windows…and Other Details “Italian Style”.

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“Shout Out” for “Postcards from Travel PiZazz” from Nada’s Italy

Thank you, Nada, for the wonderful “shout out”! We had an absolutely fab-u-lous time together in la bella Italia! 

* * *

Please read what Nada of Nada’s Italy wrote about Postcards from Travel PiZazz in her latest newsletter:

“Read a fun travel blog about our tours (and other travel adventures too) by Victoria De Maio.

Victoria and Nada

It was such a pleasure when my dear friend and fellow travel professional, Victoria De Maio decided to join two of my tours this past June, the “Venetian Splendors” (Veneto Region, Lake Garda, Alps, Venice) and the “Girls Gone Italian” (Tuscany, Florence, and Cinque Terre). I was fascinated by her energy as from the moment she arrived she set out on a quest to find the”perfect gelato“, and took great joy out of practicing her newly acquired Italian skills with drivers and almost every person we’d meet along the trip. Victoria loves to experience every little moment of the local lifestyle, in both the major cities as well as small villages, which she recounts with great enthusiasm in an almost child-like innocence in her blog. Postcards from Travel Pizazz will inspire you to travel more and enjoy the simple (yet delicious) things in life.”

* * *
Check out my Ciao Bella page for LOTS more about our adventure Italiano! And, I can’t wait to go back next year! Are you coming with us?

Nada’s Italy offers six amazing tours of Italy -and as a travel professional and her affiliate, not only can I help you book your tour but you will receive a special $100 discount when you mention:


So, what are you waiting for??? Andiamo!

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